File under holders: Map of US Sovereign Debt

Map of US Sovereign Debt by Development Seed. Last week a company called Standard & Poors, one of the companies which famously flubbed the ratings of mortgage-backed securities in 2008, downgraded the US Government's sovereign debt. Here are the countries around the world which hold that debt, not including the USA.

Each circle represents the size of the holdings in that country. I would guess that most of these investments are in US Treasury notes and bonds. It would be interesting to compare average durations across countries, to get a sense for which countries are long-term and which are parking cash for the short-term.

I once visited a Danish trader who worked in the City in London. He mainly traded US Treasury Bonds and what a NYC bond trader would call "Scandies", or Scandinavian sovereign debt. He had configured his Bloomberg terminal to show intra-day, 30-day, and 1-year charts of the debt for various European countries. "I"m watching the intra-day chart, waiting for it to cross this line." If I remember correctly that line was a standard-deviation from the norm. "Then I check the last month and year, and the news. Maybe I do some analysis. if everything looks good. I buy."

Ole wore a hand-made shirt. The buttons seemed to be made from bone, and the collar had a kind of bone-hook latch that I hadn't seen before.